You asked: What is Okada Manila famous for?

The largest casino entertainment resort in Manila, OKADA MANILA® provides its guests and visitors from around the globe with a total entertainment package comprised of a casino floor, one of the world’s largest fountains,luxury hotel accommodations, high-end commercial facilities, fine dining establishments that serve …

What makes Okada Manila unique?

It boasts a real white-sand beach, lily pads, daybeds, luxurious locker and shower room facilities for all guests, a UV-protected beach club, a sunset deck overlooking the bay, a 700-sqm butterfly pool, two expansive stages, and five distinct bars offering unique artisanal cocktails for a more modern resort feel.

Is there a dress code in Okada Manila?

Casual is ok, but you can also dress up if you want. It’s a nice place so you can enjoy wearing your favourite nice clothes. over a year ago. Casual is fine .

Is there an entrance fee in Okada Manila?

no… it is definitely free

Can I wear shorts in Okada?

5 answers. Shorts are NOT allowed in some restaurants. The answer? Convertible pants, which I will be wearing on my next trip to Okada.

Is Okada shuttle free?

Yes it’s free. There are two shuttles, one for employees and one for guests so make sure to read the bus sign before hopping in :) over a year ago.

Is there a dress code in Solaire?

Please come in proper attire. You can wear smart casual or more formal outfits, depending on the show. Please do not wear slippers or flip flops, shorts, tank tops, sleeveless undershirts worn without a blazer or a coat, or sportswear. Otherwise, The Theatre staff cannot let you in.

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