Where is the farthest place from Malaysia?

Where is the farthest country from Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur

Farthest Cities KM
Quito, Ecuador 19,680
Chiclayo, Peru 19,572
Trujillo, Peru 19,449
Cali, Colombia 19,254

What’s the farthest place from here?

World’s Furthest City Pairs

City A City B Distance (km)
Rosario, Argentina Xinghua, Jiangsu, China 19,996
Liu’an, Anhui, China Río Cuarto, Argentina 19,994
Cuenca, Ecuador Subang Jaya, Malaysia 19,989
San Rafael, Argentina Sanmenxia, Henan, China 19,984

What 2 countries are farthest apart?

Pakanbaru, Indonesia to Quito, Ecuador (12,428 Miles 19,998KM) Definitely these are The Furthest Cities Apart in the world!

What’s close to Malaysia?

List of Countries Near Malaysia

Countries Close to Malaysia
Singapore 377.8 km / 234.8 miles
Laos 1,739.5 km / 1,080.9 miles
Cocos (Keeling) Islands 1,904.9 km / 1,183.7 miles
Myanmar 2,071.4 km / 1,287.1 miles

Why is it so hot in Malaysia now 2021?

22 Jul 2021 / 07:42 H. KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is currently experiencing the Southwest monsoon, which results in a hot and dry climate, from now until mid-September, according to the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia).

What is the farthest city in the world?

Farthest-apart cities

  • Rosario, Argentina to Xinghua, China: 19,996 km (12,425 mi)
  • Lu’an, China to Río Cuarto, Argentina: 19,994 km (12,424 mi)
  • Cuenca, Ecuador to Subang Jaya, Malaysia: 19,989 km (12,421 mi)
  • Shanghai, China to Concordia, Argentina: 19,984 km (12,417 mi)
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What’s the farthest city?

For example, Perth, Australia is the furthest city in world from 179 destinations, including New York City (11,620 miles away) and Toronto (11,280 miles away).

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