What is the police force of Laos?

Royal Lao Police Police Royale Laotiènne
Jurisdiction National
Headquarters Vientiane
Employees (unknown)
Annual budget (unknown)

How many police forces are in Laos?

Lao Information Service. 1) National Police. The National Police now includes 2900 men, of whom 500 are stationed in Vientiane Province and the remaining 2400 in the remainder of the territory controlled by the Royal Government.

What is the policing system of Laos?

According to Article 10 of this Law, the People’s Security Force is responsible for preventing and suppressing any act of violence on Lao territory, preventing crimes and maintaining peace and security, securing the safety of state organizations, protecting lives and interests of the multi-ethnic people, protecting …

What is the lowest rank in Royal Lao police?

Royal Lao Police ranks

  • Sip – Patrolman (no insignia)
  • Sip – Patrolman 1st class (one red chevron pointed up)
  • Sip Trii – Corporal (one white chevron pointed up)
  • Sip Thó – Sergeant (two white chevrons pointed up)
  • Sip Êek – Staff Sergeant (three white chevrons pointed up)

How many police are there in Vietnam?

Republic of Vietnam National Police

Agency overview
Motto Tổ quốc (Fatherland), Công minh (Justice), Liêm chính (Integrity)
Employees 130,000 agents (at height in 1973)
Annual budget 7,000,000 piastres
Agency executive Nguyễn Ngọc Loan, Director-General of the National Police
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What is the highest rank of Royal Malaysian Police?

Police rank

Rank group General/flag officers Field/senior officers
Royal Malaysia Police
Inspector-general of police (IGP) Superintendent of police (SUPT)

Is the S in Laos silent?

In English, the ‘s’ is pronounced, and not silent. In the Lao language, the country’s name is Muang Lao (ເມືອງລາວ) or Pathet Lao (ປະເທດລາວ), both of which literally mean ‘Lao Country’.

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