What is Cantonese in Vietnamese?

volume_up. Cantonese {noun} VI. người Quảng Đông.

Is Vietnamese similar to Cantonese?

Sino-Vietnamese is most closely similar to Cantonese than any other Chinese dialects in my opinion due to their close proximity. Both are also languages from the Baiyue tribes, hence why Cantonese is still called Yue language, while Yue means Viet. So yes, for Sino-Vietnamese.

Do Vietnamese understand Cantonese?

They live with Vietnamese people, and Vietnamese people learnt Cantonese. And Cantonese pronunciation looks like Vietnamese pronunciation, easy to learn it.

Is Cantonese and Mandarin the same?

Mandarin is the official state language of China and the most widely spoken Chinese dialect in the country. … Cantonese, however, is spoken largely in Hong Kong, as well as in Macau and the Guangdong province, including Guangzhou.

Can Vietnamese understand Chinese?

Because of the difference between Vietnamese and Chinese languages, a Vietnamese native speaker who was born in a Vietnamese family in Vietnam cannot understand nor speak Chinese as their first language. They can speak and understand Chinese as a second language if they learn Chinese.

What is hello in Cantonese?

哈囉 is “hello” with a Cantonese pronunciation. … 哈囉,你好呀 (haa1 lo3,nei5 hou2 aa3), meaning “hello,” is usually used when you want to greet someone that you aren’t close with in a friendly way. It’s a more formal Cantonese greeting.

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Why are there so many Chinese in Vietnam?

One year after the state of North Vietnam was established, a mutual agreement was made between the Communist Party of China and Communist Party of Vietnam to give ethnic Chinese living in North Vietnam Vietnamese citizenship. This process was completed by the end of the 1950s.

Why does Cantonese sound angry?

Cantonese people talk loudly. … Cantonese just sounds more forceful by nature because of its sounds and usage patterns. It’s explosive and clipped by nature; it’s a very expressive language. Mandarin is like classical music, gliding up and down in flow, while Cantonese is like rap music, in your face, dynamic and brash.

What language is closest to Vietnamese?

The Vietnamese language belongs to the Viet-Muong branch of the Mon-Khmer language family. The Mon-Khmer languages are spoken in a region extending from the Assam state of India on the west to Vietnamese on the east. It is the language family of mainland Southeast Asia.

Is Vietnam part of China?

Vietnam was brought under the control of China following the Ming dynasty’s victory in the Ming–Hồ War. The fourth period of Chinese rule ended when the Lam Sơn uprising led by Lê Lợi emerged successful. Lê Lợi then re-established an independent kingdom of Đại Việt.

Can Cantonese speakers understand Mandarin?

No. Although Cantonese and Mandarin have many similarities, they are not mutually intelligible. This means that, presuming one has no significant exposure or training, a speaker of Mandarin will understand little to nothing of Cantonese and vice-versa.

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Do Hong Kongers speak Mandarin?

Hong Kong’s recent census report states that Mandarin is the second language most spoken on the island following Cantonese. Cantonese remains dominant with 96% percent. As for Mandarin, 48% of Hong Kong’s population can speak it, compared to 46% of population that can speak English.

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