Frequent question: Which bridge is situated in Singapore?

Inspired by the structure of human DNA, The Helix Bridge is one of Singapore’s most visually striking landmarks. Opened in 2010, it is a pedestrian only bridge linking the Marina Centre with Marina South in the Bay area.

How many bridges are in Singapore?

19 Bridges in Singapore You Should Cross at Least Once. The bridges here are simply beautiful, from ones in nature reserves to those near the Singapore River.

What type of bridge is the Helix bridge in Singapore?

How many overhead bridges are there in Singapore?

1. Currently, there are about 580 pedestrian overhead bridges (POBs) in Singapore. To provide barrier free accessibility for the elderly and less ambulant commuters, ramps have been provided at 71 POBs and lifts installed at 48 POBs.

Where is the Helix bridge in Singapore?

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