Frequent question: Where is Christmas celebrated in Vietnam?

Christmas is one of the four main annual religious festivals celebrated in Vietnam. Around the Mekong River where the Aqua Mekong sails, Christmas, while not a national holiday, is popular among young people in major cities such as Ho Chi Minh.

Why is Christmas Eve more important than Vietnam?

Christmas in Vietnam is a huge event and Christmas Eve, which is regarded as more important than Christmas Day in Vietnam, is a grand party when the fun-loving and sociable Vietnamese, whether being a Christian or not, celebrate with gusto.

What do Thailand do for Christmas?

From the mountains of Chiang Mai to buzzing Bangkok and white sands and crystal waters of Ko Samui, here is our pick of top places to spend Christmas in Thailand.

  • Bangkok. One of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant capitals, Bangkok is a must-see on your trip to Thailand. …
  • Ko Samui. …
  • Chiang Mai. …
  • Krabi. …
  • Pattaya.

How do Vietnamese celebrate?

The most important holiday celebrated in Vietnam, and indeed by Vietnamese people worldwide, is Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. Tet is commonly described as Christmas, Thanksgiving and your birthday all celebrated at once. The second most celebrated Vietnamese holiday is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

What is temperature in Vietnam in December?

Daily high temperatures are around 88°F, rarely falling below 84°F or exceeding 92°F. The lowest daily average high temperature is 88°F on December 15. Daily low temperatures are around 72°F, rarely falling below 67°F or exceeding 77°F.

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