Frequent question: Are there elephants in Myanmar?

Myanmar is covered in more than 160,000 square miles of forest. Seventy years ago, about 10,000 elephants inhabited the region, but today Myanmar is only home to about 2,000 wild elephants. These animals often forage in the areas between intact, primary forest and human development.

What kind of work do elephants do in Myanmar?

The main work of the elephants is to drag felled timber from the cutting area to roads or rivers from where it can be transported out of the jungle. Logging work is exceptionally hard, but strict regulations are designed to maintain the health of the animals.

How many elephants live in India?

It is disappointing to learn that today only about 27,000 wild elephants remain in India, as opposed to a million a decade ago, according to research. There has been a 98 per cent nose-dive in the wild elephant population.

Are elephants important in Burma?

The elephant is not only of great cultural and historical significance in Myanmar, but is also of major economic importance in the country’s timber industry. There were 4 075 elephants in timber harvesting operations in the Union of Myanmar in 1999-2000. … Now the wild elephant population is also declining year by year.

Are elephants scared of mice?

Elephants, regardless of how big they are, are also startled by things that move by them fast, like mice. According to elephant behavior experts, they would be scared of anything moving around their feet regardless of it’s size.. Elephants are not alone in their fear of mice and other rodent like creatures.

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