Does Indonesia have a jury system?

What is the criminal justice system of Indonesia?

The Public Prosecution Service of Indonesia is the only agency that has state powers to prosecute offenders. As such, there is no private prosecution in the Indonesian criminal justice system. … The prosecutor only personally investigates cases when there are special crimes, such as corruption.

Is Indonesia a common law jurisdiction?

Law of Indonesia is based on a civil law system, intermixed with customary law and the Roman Dutch law. Before the Dutch colonisation in the sixteenth century, indigenous kingdoms ruled the archipelago independently with their own custom laws, known as adat.

What are 3 characteristics of juries?

Juries are independent assessors and deciders of facts in legal cases. They must reach a verdict of guilty or not guilty in criminal cases and liable or not liable in civil cases.

  • They must reach a unanimous/majority verdict.
  • They have split function.
  • Discussions are conducted in secret.

In most states in Indonesia, same-sex relations are legal but the age of consent is 18.

Does Indonesia have a death penalty?

Capital punishment is a legal penalty in Indonesia. Although the death penalty is enforced only sometimes in grave cases of premeditated murder, it is regularly applied to some drug traffickers. Executions are carried out by firing squad.

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How many types of courts are there in Indonesia?

There are four different court systems below Supreme Court: courts of general civil and criminal jurisdiction, religious courts, state administrative courts, and military courts.

What is prosecution pillar?

The third pillar of the CJS is the courts pillar. It is the forum where the prosecution is given the opportunity to prove that there is a strong evidence of guilt against the accused. It is also in the courts that the accused is given his “day” to disprove the accusation against him.

How many courts are there in Indonesia?

There are about 68 high courts: 31 General Courts, 29 Religious Courts, 4 Administrative Courts and 4 Military Courts.

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