Do you think that the major issues associated with Hinduism are also prevalent in Philippine society?

Do you think the major issues associated with Hinduism are also prevalent in Philippine society?

Answer: Recent archaeological and other evidence suggests Hinduism has had some cultural, economic, political and religious influence in the Philippines.

Is there Hinduism in the Philippines?

HInduism is not a super common religion in the Philippines. In fact the most common religion there is christianity. Less than 2% of their population still practices hinduism.

Who brought Hinduism to the Philippines?

Indian religions, possibly an syncretic version of Hindu-Buddhism, arrived in the Philippine archipelago in the 1st millennium AD, through the Indonesian kingdom of Srivijaya followed by Majapahit.

Is Philippines poorer than India?

Philippines has a GDP per capita of $8,400 as of 2017, while in India, the GDP per capita is $7,200 as of 2017.

How did Hinduism start in the Philippines?

Hinduism was deterred by the spread of Christianity by the Spaniards and the spread of Islam by Indonesians and Malay missionaries before the Spaniards. It is highly possible however, before the arrival of the new religions, that the Philippines was part of Hindu empires based in Java and in other islands.

What religion came first in the Philippines?

Islam was the first-recorded monotheistic religion in the Philippines.

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What challenges or issues does Hinduism face today?

In summary, there are a number of challenges that the modern Hindu community faces today, such as a lack of proper leadership, lack of unification due to social and caste systems, and the changing status of women.

How does Hinduism explain suffering?

Hindus believe in karma or ‘intentional action’. Most Hindus believe that much of the suffering they endure is a result of their own actions. … The response of those around the sufferer should always be compassion and kindness, otherwise they will suffer ‘bad’ karmic consequences themselves.

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