Best answer: Is cardamom grown in Thailand?

Cardamom is used in preparing several Thai dishes. … Thailand ranks with India and Indonesia as a major producer of the spice. It is also valued as a medicinal herb in some parts of the country, and grows in the Khao Phu Soi Dao area of Chanthaburi province and in certain parts of southern Thailand.

Which is the king of all spices?

The ‘King of Spices’, Dharampal Gulati, was born in Sialkot of Pakistan in 1923. He dropped out of school after Class 5 to help his father with the masala business in Delhi. His father Chunni Lal Gulati was the founder of the MDH Spices business which Dharampal Gulati went on to turn into a multi-crore empire.

Which is the best cardamom in the world?

The most common species, Elettaria cardamomum or small cardamom is by far best in terms of quality. India is the leading small cardamom producer, producing around 38,000 MT in 2016, followed by Guatemala where the production is around 35,000 MT in the same period.

Is cardamom used in Thai food?

Cardamom is used in cuisines all around the world and although it is not very common in Thai cooking it is used in a few curries of Muslim origin. … The Cardamom used in Thai cooking is a light fawn colour and it’s a smaller, rounder pod than the common green one found in Indian curries.

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Is there cardamom in Thai curry?

Cumin, coriander seeds and cardamom included in this recipe give it a bit of Middle Eastern flare. When you’re off shopping for spices, chances are, you’ll readily find cumin seeds, but don’t get too excited if coriander and in particular cardamom pods elude you.

How many teaspoons is 6 cardamom pods?

There’s nothing to it. One cardamom pod is the equivalent of 1/6 teaspoon of ground cardamom. That means you’ll need to buy six pods for every teaspoon of cardamom that your recipe calls for. If the recipe calls for one teaspoon of cardamom, start with a quarter teaspoon of cloves and quarter teaspoon cinnamon.

How much cardamom should I eat a day?

You can take 2-3 Green Cardamom in a day for fresh breath and good digestion[3]. a. Take 250mg Cardamom powder (churna) or as prescribed by the doctor.

Is cardamom poisonous?

When taken by mouth: Cardamom is LIKELY SAFE when taken in amounts commonly found in food. It is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken in the larger amounts found in medicine. When inhaled: It is POSSIBLY SAFE to breathe the vapor from cardamom essential oil as aromatherapy.

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