Your question: Where can I buy cheap loads in the Philippines?

Where can I buy cheap load in the Philippines?

My Top Four (4) Apps Where I Buy Load Online with Discounts and Cashbacks

  • Shopee. The number one on my list is Shopee using their Shopee Pay. …
  • is second on my list when it comes to buying discounted prepaid load. …
  • GCash. I think GCash is one of the most popular app among this list. …
  • PayMaya.

How can I buy Globe load?

STEP 1: Download the CLiQQ app from Google Play or App Store. STEP 2: Open CLiQQ app and select “Buy Load”. STEP 3: Choose Globe and select the load amount. STEP 4: Enter your mobile number and confirm.

Can I buy Globe load using Paypal?

Purchasing mobile load online is now easy. Reload your own mobile number or send it to your family, friends or fiancée in the Philippines as a surprise. At Online Loading Station, we guarantee a fast, safe & secured transactions. Paypal or any major credit & debit cards are accepted!

How can I send top to Philippines?

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose the service you want to use, in this case, ‘Airtime’
  2. Enter the number and network of the phone you want to recharge.
  3. Pay for the airtime online.
  4. You and the person you’re sending to will receive SMS notifications once the airtime credit has been added.
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How can I send free load in Philippines?

How to send load to the Philippines?

  1. Enter the Philippine prepaid number (country code +63 has already been entered) you want to send load to with Fonmoney Philippines.
  2. Choose one of the Load amount options. …
  3. Pay quickly and safely with credit card at Fonmoney Philippines for your prepaid load.
  4. Click enter.

How can I take loan from Globe?

Just dial *143# and choose LOANS to see what’s available to you. The amount borrowed (with a fixed service fee) will be deducted from you on your next reload.” This means, that as of the moment you can borrow the Emergency Text Service with 3 texts and P1 load.

Can I convert globe load to GCash?

“Convert” Globe Load to GCash

You can sell your Globe prepaid load to another Globe or Touch Mobile (TM) user through a process called “Share-a-Load.” This involves a charge of PHP 1 for every transaction. There are two ways to share your load: via *143# or via SMS.

How can I load my globe wallet?

How do I buy load via the GlobeOne app?

  1. Download and Register your account to the GlobeOne app.
  2. Launch the app and choose BUY LOAD option.
  3. Choose the denomination or amount you want to buy.
  4. Select your payment option ( GCash or Credit Card Option)
  5. Click CONFIRM and NEXT button to finish the transaction.
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