Your question: Is Lucas from Thailand?

Born Wong Yat-hei in 1999 to a Thai mother and a Chinese father, Lucas was the first K-pop trainee from Hong Kong taken on by giant K-pop company SM Entertainment.

Is Lucas half Thai?

Lucas was born on 25 January 1999 in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, to a Chinese father with Teochew ancestry and a Thai mother.

Where is Lucas NCT from?

Did NCT U disband?

NCT U is a unit of NCT and no they did not disband.

Can Lucas understand English?

Lucas can’t speak English fluently. Coming from a non-native English speaker, his accent is amazing, which might make people think he can speak it. But he’s definitely not bad at it. He mostly knows random words and phrases and often places an English word if he can’t remember the word in Korean or Mandarin.

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