Your question: Is LinkedIn popular in Vietnam?

There were 3 087 500 Linkedin users in Viet Nam in October 2019, which accounted for 3.1% of its entire population. People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (1 700 000).

What social media do people use in Vietnam?

The ranking looked like this: Youtube (92%), Facebook (91.7%), Zalo (76.5%), Facebook messenger (75.8%), and Instagram (53.5%). The runners up, noteworthy of their own bullet point, were: TikTok, Twitter, Skype, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Twitch and Snapchat.

Is there social media in Vietnam?

The ministry estimates the top 10 Vietnamese social media platforms have about 80 million users combined, while foreign competitors are dominant, with Facebook’s 65 million users, YouTube’s 60 million users and TikTok’s 20 million.

With about 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world.

Facebook Users By Country 2021.

Country Facebook Users (2019) 2021 Population
Vietnam 66,720,000 98,168,833
Thailand 46,000,000 69,950,850
United Kingdom 44,000,000 68,207,116
Turkey 44,000,000 85,042,738

Do Vietnamese use Instagram?

According to the 2018 Global Digital reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite, there are 57 million of them are active social media users. There are many types of social media that are being used by the Vietnamese, but the most common sites are Zalo, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Do people in Vietnam use WeChat?

Vietnam’s most popular social media channels (and how to master them) There’s about 72 million people in Vietnam active on social media. That’s 73.7% of the country’s population. … The country even has its own WeChat-like app, called Zalo.

Who uses Zalo?

In Vietnam, Zalo has been the most downloaded mobile messaging app on both Android and iOS for more than a year. The app is also increasingly popular in countries with a large Vietnamese populations, such as the U.S., South Korea and Russia.

Does Vietnam have Facebook?

The popular social networking website Facebook has about 8.5 million users in Vietnam and its user base has been growing quickly after the website added a Vietnamese-language interface.

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