Your question: How do I contact the police in Vietnam?

112, 113, 114, 115 are emergency telephone numbers in Vietnam. You should call 112 if there is a need for urgent research and rescue after natural and marine disasters. Dialing 113, you report to the police about criminal activity or suicide.

What number do you dial if there is a fire?

If you are having a fire, you should call 911 and they will inform the local fire station.

How many police are there in Vietnam?

Republic of Vietnam National Police

Agency overview
Motto Tổ quốc (Fatherland), Công minh (Justice), Liêm chính (Integrity)
Employees 130,000 agents (at height in 1973)
Annual budget 7,000,000 piastres
Agency executive Nguyễn Ngọc Loan, Director-General of the National Police

How do I file a police report in Vietnam?

How to get a police clearance certificate in Vietnam

  1. Step 1: Register for issuance of online criminal record certificate. …
  2. Step 2: Visit the Department of Justice or National Center for Judicial Records to submit your documents or send them via the postal service. …
  3. Step 3: Pay the fee for a criminal record issuance.

What crimes are reported to INTERPOL?

Organized by INTERPOL, the operation focuses on serious cases, including fugitives wanted for crimes such as murder, child sexual abuse, people smuggling, fraud, corruption, drug trafficking, environmental crimes and money laundering.

How are laws enforced in Vietnam?

The law enforcement in Vietnam is called the Vietnam People’s Public Security. It is under command of the Ministry of Public Security. Vietnam People’s Public Security is a part of Vietnam People’s Armed Forces, it includes two branches: … Vietnam People’s Security Force.

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