You asked: Which type of fruit is the leading fruit grown in the Philippines and the biggest dollar owner?

Banana is the leading fruit grown in the Philippines and a consistent top dollar earner. Its prospects in the domestic and foreign markets continue to increase as consumers for fresh and processed banana is on the rise.

What is the leading fruit?

The three major tropical fruit varieties produced were banana(51% of the world production), mango(17.5%), and pineapple(11%) followed by papaya(6%) and avocado (2.4%). Minor fruits produced in smaller volumes such as lychees, durian, rambutan, guavas and passion fruits comprised 12% of total production.

What is the most sour fruit in Philippines?

Soursop is also a known fruit in the Philippines that has many uses. It is called guyabano, a green fruit with barks that has a white fruit flesh with a sour and creamy flavor, like a combination of strawberry-coconut-banana.

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