Why is Halong Bay international importance?

The Bay was first recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 thanks to its exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance. In 2000, it had the honour of being recognised the second time for its significant geomorphic features, as a billon-year-living proof of Earth’s formation.

Is there sharks in Halong Bay?

So far, there are NO sharks found or any warning for shark appearance in Halong bay. If you are traveling on a cruise ship, just follow all safety instructions by the cruise operator when you go swimming and kayaking, then you do not have anything to worry about.

What animals live in Halong Bay?

Some of the wildlife found on the islands include: monkeys, birds, lizards, and even antelopes. There are 450 different mollusks and 200 different species of fish in Halong Bay. Some of the islands have permanent residents and tourism businesses. Most of the islands in Halong Bay are limestone.

What is the economic value of Halong Bay?


Quang Ninh Province, with Halong Bay being the region’s main economic source, has the fastest fiscal growth in Vietnam. In 2016, the GDP reached 10.1%, higher than the country’s GDP of 6.3%. The annual GDP per capita was relatively high at $4,095 USD.

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