Why do so many Russians live in Thailand?

Why are there so many Russian in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the few countries with a warm climate that Russians can enter without getting a visa before hand. (Egypt and Turkey being the other major ones). Also, Thailand is cheap compared to other options. Due to this, there is a lot of Russian tourists in Thailand.

Are there a lot of Russians in Thailand?

According to Tomikhin, there were about 70,000 Russians in Thailand by early March. “About 40,000 of them were package-tour vacationers who came here by charter flights from various Russian cities.

Why are there Russian girls in Pattaya?

Russian girls in Pattaya are far more typical now, due to the escalation in Russian tourism to Thailand throughout the final ten years. … This has now been over 10 years since Thailand consented to allow Russian nationals to see the national nation with out a Visa.

How many Russian live in Thailand?

According to Thai Immigration authorities, there are 100,000 Russian residents in Thailand, 60,000 of which live in Pattaya.

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