Which UK universities are Recognised in Singapore?

Country Approved University Applicable Law Degree
United Kingdom University of Birmingham LL.B (Honours)
University of Bristol LL.B (Single Honours)
University of Cambridge B.A. Law
University of Durham LL.B (Honours)

Is UK degree Recognised in Singapore?

Degrees are well-recognised in Singapore and internationally. … In Singapore, degrees from UK universities are well accepted by local authorities.

Is University of London Recognised in Singapore?

Taking a programme at the University of London in Singapore can earn you a UOL degree in Singapore. … The high standing of our qualifications is valued and recognised by universities, employers and specific professional and statutory bodies.

Is University of London LLB Recognised in Singapore?

This is because external law degrees awarded by the University of London are no longer recognised for the purpose of admission to the Singapore Bar. … This programme has since renamed itself as University of London International Programmes instead of the ‘External’ status.

Do Singaporeans need visa to study in UK?

Singaporeans can visit the UK without a visa. … The UK is not part of the Schengen area, and a passport is required to travel between the UK and other European countries, including Ireland.

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Are online degrees recognized in Singapore?

All universities that you find on this website are recognised by employers in Singapore, including the Public Service. However, do note that some professional degrees such as Medicine and Law may require additional accreditation from the respective professional bodies in Singapore.

How do you know if a university course is accredited?

Detailed course information on university websites should indicate whether a course is accredited. Alternatively, if you’re not sure where you want to study but know which industry you want to get into, consult the website of the relevant industry body. Most offer a directory of courses they accredit.

Are online degrees Recognised?

In September, UGC had floated the norms for online degrees and said universities that are accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council with at least a score of 3.01 on a scale of 4, or those who have found a place in the top 100 list of the National Institutional Ranking Framework can apply for …

Is private degree Recognised in Singapore?

There are about 100 Private Universities in Singapore and almost all claims that their degrees are fully accredited, but it is still important to choose the right Private university to study for a brighter job prospect. The list of the private universities is expanding year on year.

Is Sim degree Recognised in Singapore?

No! SIM is a campus with partner universities using its premises! Overseas universities like University of London (UOL) and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) use SIM campus to conduct lectures, tutorials and exams for students in Singapore.

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Which diploma course is best in Singapore?

4 min read6 Months Diploma Courses in Singapore

  • Professional Global Diploma in Education. …
  • Diploma in Accounting and Finance. …
  • Diploma in Business Studies. …
  • Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. …
  • Diploma in Banking and Finance. …
  • Diploma in Data Analytics. …
  • Advanced Diploma in Network and Computer Technology.
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