What stands at 250 meters tall with an aerial freestanding suspension bridge in Singapore?

Located in the heart of the city, this aerial, free-standing walkway connects the two highest points of the reserve. It is 250 meters long and provides a beautiful panoramic view of the forest reserve, as well of the nearby Upper Peirce Reservoir.

How many overhead bridges are there in Singapore?

1. Currently, there are about 580 pedestrian overhead bridges (POBs) in Singapore. To provide barrier free accessibility for the elderly and less ambulant commuters, ramps have been provided at 71 POBs and lifts installed at 48 POBs.

What is the purpose of the Helix Bridge?

Helix Bridge has both practical and aesthetic purposes. It provides quick access to Marina Bay Sands for pedestrians coming from the Esplanade and the City Hall area. At the same time, a walk along the bridge offers impressive views of the city skyline.

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