What snakes are found in the Philippines?

How many snake species are in the Philippines?

The Philippine archipelago is an exceptionally biodiverse region that includes at least 112 species of land snakes from 41 genera and 12 families.

What kind of snakes can you find in the Philippines?

Types of Snakes in the Philippines

  • Pit Vipers. These brightly colored snakes dwell in trees throughout the Philippines. …
  • Coral Snakes. Several species of coral snakes are found in the Philippines, including the Palawan long-glanded coral snake and the Luzon coral snake. …
  • Sea Snakes. …
  • Other Types.

Are there king cobras in Philippines?

King cobras are found on Balabac, Jolo, Luzon, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negros, and Palawan. This species is uncommon throughout it’s Philippine range. Equatorial spitting cobras are found only on Palawan and some of the Calamian Islands.

Do they eat snake in the Philippines?

Snakes end up on the dining table of the Filipinos as a tasty dish called “Adobong Ahas” (snake adobo) primarily because of the curative and aphrodisiac effects of snakes as some local folks believe.

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