What is the traditional folk song from Indonesia about cockatoo?

Burung Kakatua is a folk song from Indonesia about the cockatoo (kakatua) and the village grandmother who listens to it sing. The book is illustrated with photographs of three-dimensional compositions formed of clay.

What is a traditional folk song of Indonesia?


During the early nineteenth century, it evolved into ballroom dance music such as Keroncong Cha Cha, Keroncong Tango and Keroncong Foxtrot for the middle class and is now considered as one of the oldest Indonesian folk music. It is a dying form of music as it is much ignored by the youth of the country.

What does the song Burung Kakak Tua mean?

*Yuu wrote, “Burung kakak tua is actually cockatoo in English, but I think Old sister bird has a ring to it. … **Yuu wrote, “Elder brother bird is actually incorrect, but I thought you might want it (as a choice) as ‘kakak’ means ‘sister’ and also ‘brother’ in Indonesia.”

Which folk song from Southeast Asia has the English translation of the cockatoo?

“Burung Kakatua” is a well-known song from the Maluku Islands.

Traditional / folk songs for Indonesia

  • Song: Barong Ou Danse Du Kriss. …
  • Song: Karedok Leunca. …
  • Song: Sabilulungan. …
  • Song: Hallo-Hallo Bandung. …
  • Song: Ladrang Sureng Rana. …
  • Song: Gendhing Sumyar. …
  • Song: Sekar Duaan. …
  • Song: Ka Abdi.
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What is the message of the cockatoo song?

This can mean that it’s defending its territory, their flock and are also used when in search for a mate. The raised crest can also be a way for the bird to express its internal instincts, such as when its feeling excitement, surprise, fear or just pure curiosity.

What is the meaning of Chan Mali Chan?

The pambayang lines of the song Chan Mali Chan refer to anak kambing (kid, baby goat) because the lamb is symbolic for its mischievousness and friskiness. Ketipung payung in the chorus… of the song is a term of endearment.

What Indonesian values are presented in the song?

The Indonesian moral values found in the song lyrics album are religiosity, communicative, and peace-loving. And the moral values most frequent in the song lyrics album are religiosity, love affection and loyalty.

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