What is the traditional dance of Myanmar?

Yein is a form of group dance that features multiple dancers synchronously dancing and moving their heads, waists, feet, and hands to the beats of music, often performed by a traditional Burmese orchestra called hsaing waing or drums. It is commonly performed by troupes during Thingyan.

What is classical or traditional dance?

Classical dance may refer to: Ballet, particularly classical ballet. Indian classical dance. Traditional forms of dancing in other cultures, such as Japanese traditional dance or Chinese traditional dance.

What does the traditional dance represent?

Cultural Dance is really important, this is our way to tell other people on what are the things that they need to know about our culture. It is also the way that other people could have respect, knowledge and give importance to our traditions and norms. Let other cultures tell what are the stories behind their dance.

Which classical dance is best?

6 Best Classical Dances of India

  • Bharatanatyam : One of the most ancient Indian classical dance forms is Bharatanatyam from southern India basically Tamil Nadu. …
  • Kathakali : Kathakali originated from southwestern India, around the state of Kerala. …
  • Kathak : …
  • Manipuri : …
  • Kuchipudi : …
  • Odissi :

Which classical dance is easiest?

Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance form) for Beginners.

What music is used in Zat PWE?

Zat pwe duet dance

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All-night performances, which combine melodrama, slapstick, traditional dance, and even pop music are called “zat pwe” in Burma.

What are the characteristics of traditional dance?


  • In general, dancers stand apart.
  • There is little, if anybody contract.
  • Most of the dances are done by pairs or couples.
  • Hand movements play an important part.
  • Most dances are in long formation.
  • Most dances begin and end with “saludo”.
  • Dance from low land have more foreign elements than those in upland.

What are the types of traditional dance?

A Simple Guide to the 10 Traditional Dances of Ballroom Dance

  • Waltz. This is the most commonly thought-of dance when someone mentions ballroom dancing. …
  • Tango. Ballroom tango is different when compared with Argentine tango. …
  • Foxtrot. …
  • Quickstep. …
  • Viennese Waltz. …
  • International Latin Samba. …
  • Cha-Cha. …
  • Rumba.
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