What is the rail width standard of Thai railway currently using?

At present, the State Railway of Thailand uses a 1-metre gauge.

What is train width?

The normal regular trains have a height of 4,025 mm and width of 3,240 mm.

Why are Russian train tracks wider?

According to popular legend, and some railway historians, the Russians made their railway gauge 89 mm broader than the 1435 mm “Stephenson gauge” in order to thwart an eventual invasion.

Why are train tracks 4 feet 8.5 inches?

In the thread, Holohan contends that the standard railroad gauge in the U.S.—4 feet, 8.5 inches—derives from the way that rail lines were built in England, where engineers based the width of their railroads on the spacing of road ruts in Imperial Rome, which were in turn designed to accommodate the size of horses’ rear …

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