What is the most expensive room in Okada Manila?

Okada Manila is one of Asia’s largest ultra luxury integrated resorts, and its latest concept proves just why it deserves that title. Introducing Villa El Nido: the most opulent suite on Okada’s property.

What should I wear to Okada?

Casual is ok, but you can also dress up if you want. It’s a nice place so you can enjoy wearing your favourite nice clothes. over a year ago. Casual is fine .

What makes Okada Manila unique?

It boasts a real white-sand beach, lily pads, daybeds, luxurious locker and shower room facilities for all guests, a UV-protected beach club, a sunset deck overlooking the bay, a 700-sqm butterfly pool, two expansive stages, and five distinct bars offering unique artisanal cocktails for a more modern resort feel.

Is it free to enter Okada Manila?

There is no fee to enter the casino or the mall.

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