What is Cambodia code number?


How many digits is Cambodia number?

Cambodia’s telephone numbers are made up of 11-12 numbers split into groups of 3. So if you’re going to make a call to Cambodia using a mobile phone, you should dial country code+area code+6-7-digit number. Some of the common area codes in Cambodia include Phnom Penh (23), Takeo (32) and Battambang (53).

What network is 018?

MTN-018 | Microbicide Trials Network.

What is a 7 digit phone number?

Seven-digit (or local format) dialing is a procedure in North America that allows a caller to dial a local number without dialing its area code.

Are 855 numbers safe?

800, 888, 877, 866 and 855 are the only toll free numbers in existence. Don’t let someone fool you into calling similar-sounding numbers just pocket your money. This is money laundering and is against the law. Report anything suspicious to the FCC.

Are 855 numbers telemarketers?

Yes, 855 is a toll free prefix and is used in US toll free numbers. Are Calls Made to an 855 Number Free? Yes, calls made to a 855 number are free for the caller.

Is 069 a Telkom number?

For example, while Cell C gets numbers starting between 0610 and 0613, Telkom numbers can start with 0614.

What South African phone numbers reveal about networks and locations.

Mobile numbers – Non-geographic
Starting number Location
0676 – 0679 Telkom
0680 – 0685 Telkom
069 MTN
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What is a 060 number?

060 is the number of the General Administration Information Service and, as such, the only ‘short’ number exclusively belonging to the General Administration (in addition to special emergency numbers).

Is 066 Vodacom or MTN?

Number codes in South Africa

Number Range Area or operator
0654 Lycamobile SA
0655 – 0657 MTN
0658 – 0659 Telkom Mobile
0660 – 0665 Vodacom

What is a 8-digit number called?

Selected 8-digit numbers (10,000,001–99,999,999)

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