What does BII mean in Filipino?

What is the meaning of BII?


Acronym Definition
BII Base Information Infrastructure
BII Behavior Intervention Implementation
BII Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence (California Office of the Attorney General)
BII Business Industriel International (French: International Industrial Business)

What does Skal mean in Filipino?

askal. [noun] stray dog; mongrel. Root: aso. Very Frequent.

What does BB mean in Filipino?

Bb is short for binibini, meaning ‘young lady’ or ‘miss. ‘

What does paps mean in Tagalog?

PAPS – short for PAPI

This is yet another term for you to address your orb/repa.

What does bio mean texting?

Bring it on. You can use BIO to taunt someone online or in text messages when ready to battle with them. It stands for “bring it on,” which is another way to say, “give me your best shot.”

What does Skol mean in English?

Meaning. Skol (written “skål” in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish and “skál” in Faroese and Icelandic or “skaal” in transliteration of any of those languages) is the Danish-Norwegian-Swedish word for “cheers”, or “good health”, a salute or a toast, as to an admired person or group.

What does GNG mean in texting?

gng. going. going is used in Texting. The word gng is used in Texting meaning going.

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What is Papi Chulo in Tagalog?

A direct translation of papi chulo from Spanish is “pimp daddy,” with papi being a diminutive form of “father” (and used like “baby”) and chulo meaning “pimp” but also “attractive,” “cocky,” or “cool” in colloquial settings. Chulo alone has a storied history in American English.

What does EUT mean in Tagalog?

EUT stands for the Bisaya phrase ‘Eskwela Ug Tarong’ which means ‘Mag-aral nang mabuti.’ We usually use this when we joke about romantic relationships. See a translation.

Is Filo short for Filipino?

(informal) A Filipino.

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