What colleges teach Vietnamese?

Several major universities in the United States offer a Vietnamese studies major or program, including the University of Houston, University of California, and Yale University. Some colleges, such as Hobart and William Smith Colleges, offer a study abroad exchange program.

What college has the best foreign language program?

Best Colleges for Foreign Language

  • Brigham Young University. Brown University. College of the Holy Cross. Columbia University. …
  • Harvard University. Indiana University. Macalester College. Middlebury College. …
  • University of California, Berkeley. University of California, Los Angeles. University of California, Santa Cruz.

Is studying in Vietnam worth it?

Vietnam is one of the most underrated study abroad destinations in Asia. In the past few years Vietnam has become an ideal study destination for international students on a budget. In addition to the cheap living costs, the country has incredible culture and is filled with friendly locals.

What category does Vietnamese fall under?

The Vietnamese language belongs to the Viet-Muong branch of the Mon-Khmer language family. The Mon-Khmer languages are spoken in a region extending from the Assam state of India on the west to Vietnamese on the east. It is the language family of mainland Southeast Asia.

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How much does it cost to study in Vietnam?

Tuition and Program Duration

Yearly tuition at public schools is low, from free to about $US 1,000 for Vietnamese students. International students pay rates from about $US 1,000 to $US 2,500 per year. Private schools are somewhat expensive, with total program tuition ranging from about $US 30,000 to $US 40,000.

Which foreign language pays the most?

Highest Paid Foreign Languages In 2021

  1. English. English is the largest language by the number of speakers, and the third most spoken native language in the world. …
  2. French. French is a language of romance with 80 million native and over 153 million non-native speakers. …
  3. German. …
  4. Spanish. …
  5. Italian. …
  6. Arabic.

How do you double major in 4 years?

How to Double Major in 4 Years

  1. Earn College Credit in High School. If you’re still in high school, depending on your grade level, you can take Advanced Placement (AP) classes. …
  2. Talk to Your Advisor. …
  3. Take Summer Classes.

How much is college in Vietnam?

Tuition Fees in Vietnam

Yearly tuition at public schools are low; from free to about US$1,000 for Vietnamese students. International students pay between US$1,000 to $US 2,500 per year. Private schools are somewhat expensive, with total program tuition ranging from about $US 30,000 to $US 40,000.

Is Vietnam safe for students?

As a small country lying on the East coast of Pacific Ocean and possessing naturally favorable conditions, Vietnam is a perfect choice for a family holiday. When travelling to Vietnam, visitors will have chance to experience many different kinds of attractions and tours, especially it is safe for your kids.

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Is Vietnam good for international students?

Studying in Vietnam entails being immersed in a culture filled with good food and travel destinations, and most importantly, quality education. Vietnam is also an affordable place to choose to study in, since flights towards said area are considered to be cheaper as compared to other countries.

What race are Vietnamese?

The Vietnamese people or Kinh people (Vietnamese: người Kinh) are a Southeast Asian ethnic group originally native to modern-day Northern Vietnam and South China. The native language is Vietnamese, the most widely spoken Austroasiatic language.

Are there alligators in Vietnam?

There are no alligators in Vietnam. However, there are saltwater crocodiles, which many people confuse for gators on account of their lean body and scale patterns.

What religion are the Vietnamese?


Religious group % Population 2009 % Population 2014
Vietnamese folk religion, and non-religion/atheism 81.6% 73.1%
Buddhism 7.9% 12.2%
Christianity 7.5% 6.6% 0.9% 8.4% 6.9% 1.5%
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