What are the two megacities in Southeast Asia?

Out of these, 33 cities in 20 countries were defined as “megacities” with populations in excess of 10 million people. Out of the major cities in Southeast Asia, in 2018 Bangkok, Thailand, followed Manila in the Philippines and Jakarta in Indonesia in reaching a population of over 10 million.

What is the largest city in South and East Asia?

Largest urban areas ranked by 2010 population

Rank City Region
1 Tokyo–Yokohama East Asia
2 Jakarta Southeast Asia
3 Manila Southeast Asia
4 Seoul–Incheon East Asia

What are two megacities?


  • Tokyo 37.39 million.
  • Delhi 30.29 million.
  • Shanghai 27.05 million.
  • São Paulo 22.04 million.
  • Ciudad de México (Mexico City) 21.78 million.
  • Dhaka 21 million.
  • Al-Qahirah (Cairo) 20.9 million.
  • Beijing 20.46 million.

What are 3 megacities in Asia?

Asia is home to the eight of the world’s ten largest megacities—Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul, Guangzhou, Delhi, Shanghai, Karachi, and Manila—all with over 20 million inhabitants. As Asia’s megacities continue to grow, concern mounts over the ability of states to control them.

What are the two largest cities in Southeast Asia?

Largest cities proper

Ranking Name Country
1 Jakarta Indonesia
2 Bangkok Thailand
3 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
4 Hanoi Vietnam

Which is the second largest city in Asia?


Rank Area Country
1 Tokyo Japan
2 Jakarta Indonesia
3 Delhi India
4 Mumbai India
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Is Paris a megacity?

A megacity is a very large city, typically with a population of more than 10 million people.

List of megacities.

Megacity Paris
Country France
Region Europe
Estimated population CityPopulation.de 2020 11,400,000
Demographia 2020 11,020,000

Is Dubai a megacity?

For the time being, Dubai„s current status as megacity remains contested. … Megacities are defined by a population of at least ten million inhabitants. According to the World Urbanization Prospects 2009, Dubai population numbered 1.567 million (2010), projected to reach 2.076 million (2025).

What is bigger than a mega city?

Megalopolis or Megacity – a supercity consists of a group of conurbations, containing more than ten million residents in total. Conurbation or Global city – an extremely large city consists of a group of metropolises, containing between three and ten million residents.

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