What are the top 10 companies in the Philippines?

What are the top 10 best companies in the Philippines to work for 2020 2021?


  • Philippine National Bank. Emerging as the Philippines’ best company to work for in 2021 was Philippine National Bank. …
  • Smart Communications. …
  • Manila Water. …
  • Philip Morris International — Tobacco.
  • EY — Accounting.
  • Land Bank of the Philippines — Banking.
  • Manulife — Financial services.
  • Metrobank — Banking.

What is the biggest companies in the Philippines?

Largest companies

Rank Name Assets (US$M)
877 SM Investments Corporation 25,500
1159 Banco de Oro 70,300
1183 Top Frontier Investment Holdings 41,000
1801 Ayala Corporation 29,300

Which is the best company in the world?

Here is the rundown of the Top 10 Company in the world:

  • Apple.
  • Amazon.
  • Google.
  • Microsoft.
  • Samsung.
  • Walmart.
  • Facebook.
  • ICBC.

Which is biggest company in world?

Walmart has been the world’s largest company by revenue since 2014.

What are the high paying jobs in the Philippines?

DOLE reveals the top 10 highest paying jobs in the Philippines

1 Art Director P69,286
2 Geologist P64,889
3 Aircraft Pilot / Navigator / Flight Engineer P57,789
4 Mining Engineer / Metallurgical Engineer P55,638
5 Computer Programmer P43,573

What Makes a Great Place 2021?

Some of the common ones found in the awarded companies were: consistent communication amid covid-19, flexible working environments, work-life balance, transparent senior leadership, good health benefits, and mission-driven company cultures.

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