Quick Answer: How long do Philippine tarsiers live?

What is the life span of a tarsier?

What are the chances of survival of Philippine Tarsier?

Wild Tarsiers which are caught and kept in captivity only show around a 50% rate of survival and in many cases they die quickly of overstress by committing “suicide”. Some conservation efforts are under way for the various species, most notably the Philippine Tarsier.

Why Philippine tarsiers are protected?

The Loboc Tarsier Conservation Area provides a natural, wooded habitat where tarsiers feed on insects, lizards, and small birds. Tourists must be very quiet because the animals are nocturnal, which means that they sleep during the day.

How do Philippine tarsiers reproduce?

Spectral tarsiers breed twice a year, and copulation occurs during either May or November. The gestation period is approximately 6 months, and births also usually occur during May or November. Females give birth to a single offspring, which is born fully furred and with its eyes open.

Why are tarsiers eyes so big?

Their eyes are huge because they need large retinas to see in low-light. Tarsiers are nocturnal insectivorous animals, and being able to spot small insects at night is crucial to their survival. Most nocturnal animals have a layer of crystal at the back of the eye that reflects light back to the retina.

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