Question: What does Mao mean in Vietnamese?

Slang ) to leave quickly, hurry away, during the Vietnam people ‘s Army during the simmering … Zedong.

What does Dee mean in Vietnamese?

Di-Di: (Pronounced “dee-dee”). Vietnamese for “scram”. … Vietnamese for “crazy”. They say all Americans are a little dinky-dow and all Australians are beaucoup dinky-dow.

What does giddy mow mean?

di di mau or di-di mau (defective verb) (slang) To leave quickly, hurry away.

What does Diddy Mao mean in Vietnamese?

“Didi mao” (pronounced “dee-dee mahew” (rhymes with cow) is US Military/Vietnamese slang for “go away” or “bug out” or “get out of here”.

What does Di Di mean in Chinese?

dì di. younger brother CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4] Example Usage Strokes.

What is a DiDi?

an older sister or female cousin. Synonyms and related words. Brothers and sisters.

What is boocoo Dinky Dau?

An expression commonly used in Vietnam was, “boocoo dinky dow”, spelled correctly would be “beaucoup dien cai dau” meaning much crazy in the head or perhaps as the Vietnamese may have said, crazy as a kicking rooster, much like the American expression, “mad as a wet hen.”

What does bookoo mean?

beau·coups also beau·coos or boo·koos. An abundance; a lot. adv. In abundance; galore: I like that beaucoup.

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