Question: How can a foreigner get a Thai national ID card?

How does a foreigner get a Thai ID card?

First, you need a Thai ID number to get the card. If your name is currently in a yellow (foreigners) or blue tabian ban (permanent residents) we suggest you to go at the amphur and/or Tessaban and bring all original documents and a copy of the following: your passport. your work permit (if any)

Where can I get a Thai ID card?

To apply for the pink ID card, you must go to the District Office at your local or nearest location. You should make sure all of the documents are prepared. You may also bring some more extra documents if possible to support the application.

Does Thailand have national ID?

Thai national identity card. (บัตรประจำตัวประชาชนไทย) A sample of obverse of Thai national ID card. (the 5th generation)

Identification number.

Category Description
1 Thai nationals who were born after 1 January 1984 and had their birth notified within the given deadline (15 days).

What is my national ID?

For the CSU, the National ID will be the U.S. assigned Social Security Number (SSN), a 9-digit number assigned by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

What is the use of Thai card?

Thailand: Pink ID Card For Foreigners

A “Pink ID Card” is an ID Card that was initially issued to stateless people to restrict their movement within the Kingdom of Thailand. The Registration Act of 2008 allows them to be issued to anybody that qualifies.

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What is a pink card?

The Immigration and Naturalization Service began issuing a new style of resident-alien card Tuesday, replacing the much-sought green card with a pink one. The card, officially known as an Alien Registration Receipt Card, or I-551, establishes an alien’s permanent-resident status and right to work in the United States.

What is Singapore identity card?

The National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) is the compulsory identity document issued to citizens and permanent residents of Singapore. People must register for an NRIC within one year of attaining the age of 15, or upon becoming a citizen or permanent resident.

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