Question: How big is Singapore vs Batam?

Is Singapore bigger than Batam?

Singapore is approximately 719 sq km, while Indonesia is approximately 1,904,569 sq km, making Indonesia 264,718% larger than Singapore. Meanwhile, the population of Singapore is ~6.2 million people (260.8 million more people live in Indonesia). We have positioned the outline of Singapore near the middle of Indonesia.

How long does it take from Singapore to Batam?

It is a mere 45 to 70 minutes ferry ride from Singapore to Batam and vice versa, with daily departures to Batam Centre, Sekupang, HarbourBay and NongsaPura in Pulau Batam. The regular ferry service provides foreigners and Indonesians ease of travel to and fro Batam via Singapore.

Is Batam island safe?

Batam is generally safe during the daytime hours, but at night if you are in the entertainment areas of Nagoya you should exercise caution. Do not walk alone at night; if you want to leave somewhere and it is late, find someone else who is leaving or about to leave, or stay until it closes and then all go together.

Is Bali bigger than Singapore?

Bali Island (Indonesia) is 8.07 times as big as Singapore

It has the second greatest population density in the world. The country has almost 5.7 million residents, 61% (3.4 million) of whom are Singaporean citizens.

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How do I get to Batam?

How to go to Batam ? HarbourFront Ferry Terminal is the departure terminal if you are from Singapore. You may also take a direct ferry from Stulang Laut Johor Bahru, Malaysia to Batam Island or You can also take a flight from Subang Jaya Airport to Hang Nadim Batam Airport by Malindo Air.

What is Batam currency?

Q: What is the Currency Used in Batam Island? A: Indonesian Rupiah.

Is Batam island worth visiting?

Batam Island is the answer to many travelers and locals alike from Singapore. This is the answer to real beach, sun and sea for a few days. Maybe it is not the best island vacation but it is so near it is worth to come over just over the weekend, with just 45 minutes of ferry from Singapore to Batam Center.

How much is ferry ticket to Batam?

Ticket Fares

Departing from Harbourfront Centre (Singapore) to Batam Island: Adult (Ages 12+) Child (Ages 0-11)
Return (2-way) to Waterfront $34 $24
Single (1-way) to Batam Centre $17 $12
Single (1-way) to Sekupang $17 $12
Single (1-way) to Waterfront $17 $12

Do you need visa to go to Batam from Singapore?

1. Re: Visiting Batam Island from Singapore. Singapore has no visa on arrival for anyone. You are either visa requuired in advance or visa free.

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