Question: Can I use Binance in Indonesia?

Binance is regarded as one of the world’s top crypto exchanges and has a presence in over 100 countries. … Indonesian users can download the app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Advanced traders can access options that include margin trading, features trading and yield farming.

Is Binance blocked in Indonesia?

Regulators in Indonesia are considering imposing taxes on all cryptocurrency transactions carried out in the country. CBN ban: Binance removes naira from crypto trading pairs. … Bank Indonesia has warned that cryptocurrencies may not be used for payments in the country.

Is Bitcoin accepted in Indonesia?

Therefore, Indonesia isn’t a pro-Bitcoin market yet, despite recent measures to legitimize futures trading of cryptocurrencies. As long as Bank Indonesia doesn’t remove its ban on using Bitcoin as a method of payment, its adoption will remain hindered.

Can you use Binance outside US?

With low fees, over 500 cryptocurrencies, and availability in more than 180 countries, Binance is an excellent choice for non-U.S. residents wanting a sophisticated platform.

Is Binance CC safe?

No, is not a scam website, but it’s your duty to spot the red flags every time you are engaging in an online transaction. Remember that even legitimate businesses have complaints and unhappy clients. In conclusion, you still need to be careful when conducting business on ANY site, not just

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Can I use VPN for Binance?

Can I Use a VPN for Binance? Absolutely. You can use a VPN to disguise your traffic and gain access to Binance in the US. There have been no reports of the cryptocurrency exchange penalizing US investors who trade and deposit through a VPN.

Does Kraken work in Indonesia?

Kraken is an international exchange that is available to Indonesians. … Kraken supports fewer coins than Binance but it is ideal for users that want an easy and secure way to buy crypto in Indonesia. Kraken users in Indonesia can: Access unique trading and charting tools.

How can I sell Bitcoin in Indonesia?

How to Sell Bitcoin in Indonesia

  1. Create & Verify An Account. All you have to do to sell bitcoin is to create an account on our website. …
  2. Deposit & Sell Bitcoin. Next, you can transfer your BTC to your Zipmex account wallet and state the asking price per unit on our platform. …
  3. Withdraw Earnings.

Which crypto wallet is best?

Best Bitcoin or crypto wallets

  • Exodus Bitcoin & Crypto Wallet.
  • Trezor T.
  • Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet.
  • Ledger Nano X.
  • Edge.
  • Wasabi Wallet.
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