Is line popular in Malaysia?

Telegram is surprisingly popular with 25% of respondents owning an account, while LINE and KakaoTalk are dropping off the pace.

Does Malaysia use LINE?

With the new update of LINE messaging app (version 4.8. 0), LINE Pay has now been released globally (except China & South Korea), including Malaysia.

Line reported that it has 218 million monthly active users worldwide, around two-thirds of whom are based in its top four countries: Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Does WhatsApp work in Malaysia?

With 68% penetration, there are around 21M WhatsApp users in Malaysia. You can also read another report here on how popular WhatsApp is in Malaysia as the source of news.

Is WhatsApp call allowed in Singapore?

Unless you don’t own a smartphone, you definitely have Whatsapp, which is the most popular messaging app in Singapore and possibly the world. Whatsapp doesn’t let you make calls to non-Whatsapp users yet. But you can voice call or video call any other user so long as both are you have a data or wifi connection.

Facebook’s popularity in Malaysia

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The most popular social media platforms among users in Malaysia in 2020 were Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and LinkedIn. Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has become the most widely used social media platform among social media users in Malaysia.

Is LINE better than WhatsApp?

Considering the apps and their features, LINE does a better job than WhatsApp in most aspects. It has more features, and in cases where they share features, LINE has the edge. … So, while LINE may be a better tool, most people end up using WhatsApp because of its popularity.

LINE is highly rated for its quality service, not to mention its cute animated characters, which both exploded its popularity. This popularity has also made LINE the top-grossing app in Asia. Adults and youth alike use LINE. LINE is not only a service, it has become a powerful brand.

Is LINE Korean or Japanese?

Line is now a Japanese subsidiary of the South Korean internet search giant Naver, which first talked of taking the business public immediately following the spin off.

Is LINE safe to use?

Line is a free, secure messaging app available for a variety of smartphone devices and PC. This secure platform was developed by a team of Japanese engineers as a way to communicate after the Tōhoku earthquake that destroyed the area in 2011.

What is the number 1 cheating app?

10 Best Cheating Apps

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As of September 2019, Facebook Messenger was the most popular mobile messenger app in the United States with 106.4 million unique U.S. users. Snapchat ranked second with an audience of almost 45.98 million users.

Characteristic Number of monthly unique users in millions
LINE 3.15
WeChat 1.48
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