Is camping allowed in Singapore now?

Who can camp in Singapore? Only Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and foreigners with a residence permit are allowed to camp at East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, West Coast Park, and Pulau Hantu. However, foreigners without a residence permit and other visitors are able to camp in Pulau Ubin as no permit is required.

Is camping allowed in Phase 2 Singapore?

You can only have a maximum of six campers per tent/camping permit. Camping tents will need to be set up at least five metres away from each other.

Are we allowed to go to parks Singapore?

Yes, you may go hiking and visit parks, gardens and nature reserves. However, do note that the permissible group size is now capped at 2. Before you head to the green spaces, remember to check the visitorship levels using NParks’ safe distancing portals and avoid those that are crowded.

Do I need to wear a mask when hiking Singapore?

You are required to wear a mask at all times, except when engaging in strenuous exercises (e.g. running, jogging, cycling) or consuming food, drink or medication.

Are picnics allowed in Singapore?

Activities such as having picnics and recreational games will be permitted, in addition to exercises such as walking, running, static exercises, taichi and cycling. Visitors engaging in sports and physical exercises should observe the safe management measures as stipulated in the Sport Singapore guidelines.

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Are you allowed to eat in public Singapore?

We understand that there may be instances where you are unable to return to your home or workplace to consume your meals. In such circumstances, you can consume your meals at public open spaces, such as parks, but you should avoid crowded spaces and minimise any social interaction.

How much is a camping permit in Singapore?

Currently, there is no charge for camping permit application. 1.

Is Pulau Ubin still open?

The first section will be closed from 12 August 2021 to 23 September 2021, and the next from 24 September 2021 to 23 October 2021. Alternative sections of the boardwalk remain open for your viewing during your visit.

What time should I go to Pulau Ubin?

There is no fixed departure timing because the ferry need to wait until there are 12 people before it leaves. However, try to take the boat to Ubin before 5pm (unless you plan to camp overnight) because: After 5pm, there are little to none passengers.

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