How was the Thai Burma Railway built?

Apart from building bridges, it involved clearing jungle, then constructing embankments or cuttings on steep hills to ensure the gradient of the track was gentle enough for the trains. The Japanese and conscripted Korean guards forced the prisoners to toil to exhaustion day after day.

Who built the railroads in Thailand?

Interest in rail transport in Siam can be traced to when King Rama IV was given a gift of a model railway from Queen Victoria in 1855. The first railway line, 20 km in length, named the Paknam Railway between Bangkok–Samut Prakan began construction in July 1891 under a 50-year concession with a Danish company.

What is a prisoner of war called?

Prisoner of war (POW), any person captured or interned by a belligerent power during war.

How do I get to Kanchanaburi by train?

Bangkok to Kanchanaburi Tourist Train – Weekends and Holidays Only

  1. 06:30 – the train departs Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong station. …
  2. 07:40 – Train arrives at Nakhon Pathom. …
  3. 09:27 – Train arrives in Kanchanaburi. …
  4. 09:35 – Arrive at River Kwai Bridge station and stop for about 20-25 minutes.
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