How much waste does Singapore produce?

The total amount of waste generated in Singapore rose by 140,700 tonnes last year to hit 7.81 million tonnes in 2016, this amount of waste could fill approximately 3,000 olympic-sized swimming pools! In that 7.81 million tonnes of waste produced, there is a percentage in which the waste can be recycled.

How much waste does Singapore produce 2020?

Waste generated by the non-domestic and domestic sectors both fell in 2020 – from 5.37 million tonnes and 1.87 million tonnes, respectively, in 2019, to 4.12 million tonnes and 1.76 million tonnes, respectively, in 2020.

How much waste does Singapore produce 2019?

2 About 5.88 million tonnes of solid waste was generated, which was 19 per cent less than the 7.23 million tonnes generated [1] in 2019. Of the waste amount generated in 2020, 3.04 million tonnes was recycled.

How much food waste does Singapore produce in a year?

3R Programmes and Resources

Year Food Waste Disposed of (‘000 tonnes) Total Food Waste Generated (‘000 tonnes)
2019 607 744
2018 637 763
2017 677 810
2016 680 791

What waste is generated most in Singapore?

Paper and cardboard waste was the largest waste stream in 2020, increasing by 13 per cent to 1.14 million tonnes, NEA statistics showed. “More packaging waste from online shopping and home-delivered food being disposed of by households also led to higher paper/cardboard waste generation,” the agency said.

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How much plastic waste do we generate in Singapore every year?

2020 Recycling Rates for Major Waste Streams

Waste Type Total Generated (‘000 tonnes) Total Recycled (‘000 tonnes)
Ferrous metal 934 930
Plastics 868 36
Construction & Demolition 825 822
Food 665 126

Why do Singaporeans use plastic?

Recycled plastic can be used to support the major manufacturing segments in Singapore, particularly the biomedical manufacturing, electronics and general manufacturing industries, to achieve a closed loop circular economy in Singapore.

Where does plastic waste go?

The vast majority of plastic objects and particles are lumped into landfills or scattered throughout ecosystems on water or land, and a small amount has been incinerated.

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