How many Tamilians are there in Malaysia?

Country Tamil Population Year
Malaysia 1,800,000 2012
Myanmar 1,000,000 2018
United States 238,699 2016 census
South Africa 250,000

Is Tamil spoken in Malaysia?

Malaysian Tamil (Tamil: மலேசியத் தமிழ் மொழி) (Tamil: Malēsiyat tamiḻ moḻi), also known as Malaya Tamil, is a local variant of the Tamil language spoken in Malaysia.

Malaysian Tamil
மலேசியத் தமிழ் மொழி
Native to Malaysia and Singapore
Ethnicity Malaysian Indian (Tamil Malaysians)

Are Tamils discriminated in Malaysia?

This has led to minorities feeling abandoned and, in the case of many lower-caste and lower class Tamils, the sense that they are discriminated against. Tamils in Malaysia are often poor, lack access to economic and educational opportunities, and are disproportionately targeted by the justice system.

Where do most Tamils live?

Tamils constitute 5.9% of the population in India (concentrated mainly in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry), 15% in Sri Lanka, 10% in Mauritius, 7% in Malaysia and 5% in Singapore.


Total population
Sri Lanka 3,135,770 (2012)
Malaysia 1,800,000
Singapore 192,665+ (2015)

Is Malaysia cheaper than India?

Malaysia is 94.4% more expensive than India.

What caste are Malaysian Tamils?

The Tamils were primarily non-Brahmin middle-ranking or low caste Hindus, including Gounder, Kallar, Muthuraja, Pallar, Vanniyar and Paraiyar, the Telugus include Kamma and Reddy, while the Malayali were mostly from the Nayar caste.

Who brought Indians to Malaysia?

The main group of Indian immigrants in Malaysia and Singapore are Tamils. Many were brought in by the British from South India and to a lesser extent Sri Lanka during the 20th century to work as laborers in the tin mines and at rubber, palm and tea plantations. Most Indians in Malaysia speak Tamil and English.

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Is Singapore a Tamil name?

Sometime in the 14th century the name was changed to Singapura, which is now rendered as Singapore in English.

Names of Singapore.

Malay Singapura سيڠاڤورا Republik Singapura ريڤوبليق سيڠاڤورا
Tamil name
Tamil சிங்கப்பூர் Singapur சிங்கப்பூர் குடியரசு Ciṅkappūr Kuṭiyaracu
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