How many Philippine Eagle are still alive?

It is considered to be one of the largest and most powerful among forest raptors. They are also listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) with an estimated number of only 400 pairs left in the wild.

Who is the largest Philippine eagle?

The largest eagle in the world

Species Bill (gape culmen) mm Total length mm
Pithecophaga jefferyi (Philippine Eagle) FMNH # 213208 (male) 72 77 1003
Pithecophaga jefferyi (Philippine Eagle) FMNH # 224493 January 11, 1959 77 75 1121
Pithecophaga jefferyi (Philippine Eagle) FMNH # 227023 (immature male) April 19, 1956 72 65 940

How many tamaraws are left in the Philippines 2021?

Based on the DENR-BMB’s latest count, there are around 480 tamaraw individuals remaining in the wild. “We really have to sustain our conservation effort along this line,” Calderon said.

What does Philippine Eagle symbolize?

The Philippine Eagle is symbolic of the Filipino’s bravery and strength. The lord of the skies, the Philippine Eagle is the world’s largest eagle and can only be found in our country. However, this raptor is critically endangered due to deforestation and habitat destruction.

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