How many informal settlers are there in the Philippines?

About 4.5 million people are homeless or living in informal settlements in the Philippines, with its population of about 106 million, according to the statistics office. About 3 million of them are in Metro Manila, possibly the most in any urban area in the world, charities estimate.

How many informal settlers are there in Metro Manila?

Twenty-one percent (544,609 of 2.6 million) of families in Metro Manila are informal settlers. Of those families, 13% or approximately 75,000 families live in areas considered unsafe or hazardous.

Who are the settlers in the Philippines?

Spanish colonialism began with the arrival of Miguel López de Legazpi’s expedition on February 13, 1565, from Mexico. He established the first permanent settlement in Cebu. Much of the archipelago came under Spanish rule, creating the first unified political structure known as the Philippines.

What are the poorest provinces in the Philippines?

Among the country’s poorest provinces are Lanao del Sur, Sulu, Saranggani, Northern Samar, Maguindanao, Bukidnon, Sultan Kudarat, Zamboanga del Norte, Siquijor, and Agusan del Sur. Also included are Eastern Samar, Lanao del Norte, Mt.

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