How do you harvest Vietnamese mint?

Is Vietnamese mint edible?

How to eat it: It has a peppery minty taste, commonly found in Asian style cooking. Commonly eaten fresh in salads, soups and stews or cooked into duck, chicken, rice and vegetable dishes. Great as a garnish. Popular ingredient in chicken salad and in raw summer rice paper rolls.

Does Vietnamese mint like full sun?

Position: full sun to part shade. Flowering and fruiting: short spikes with tiny pale pink flowers. Feeding: apply a seaweed solution at planting. In frost-prone areas, also apply a seaweed solution periodically from late autumn through winter to improve frost tolerance.

How do I make my mint plant bushy?

Sprinkle the soil with a little time-release fertilizer if you wish. Water in the plants well. Finally, positioning your fingers like mine in the photo at left, pinch off the top two to four leaves on each plant. This will make the mint branch out and become bushy.

Does mint keep bugs away?

Mint. Mint plants can repel spiders, ants, and mosquitoes. But be careful when you plant mint because these plants spread rapidly!

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