Frequent question: Who is the Queen of Thailand now?

How old is the Thai queen?

from public engagements has roused some anxiety within the country, where the 42-year-old has her own supporters among diehard royalists. , which punishes criticism of the royal family with up to 15 years in prison.

How rich is Thai king?

Estimates of King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s wealth start at $30bn, but that number may be much higher.

Who owns Thailand?


Kingdom of Thailand ราชอาณาจักรไทย (Thai) Ratcha-anachak Thai
Demonym(s) Thai Siamese (historic)
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch Vajiralongkorn
• Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha

Is there a royal family in Thailand?

listen (help·info)) is the current reigning dynasty of the Kingdom of Thailand, the head of the house is the king, who is head of state.

Chakri dynasty.

House of Chakri ราชวงศ์จักรี
Founder Rama I
Current head Rama X
Titles King of Siam (1782–1949) King of Thailand (1949–present)
Estate(s) Kingdom of Thailand

What is a female consort?

1. consort – the husband or wife of a reigning monarch. prince consort – a prince who is the husband of a reigning female sovereign. better half, married person, partner, spouse, mate – a person’s partner in marriage. 2.

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