Frequent question: Which paint is best for home Singapore?

Dulux Paint is also immensely popular in Singapore due to its accessibility and quality. Ask any hardware shop in Singapore and no doubt Dulux will be one of the first few brands referenced. Here are a few reasons why; Low VOC and scent: Dulux paint contains very low VOC chemicals, making it durable in any environment.

Which paint brand is best Singapore?

The Top 5 Best Interior Paint Brands in Singapore

Interior Paint Brand Product Example
Dulux Paint Dulux Ambiance All (Rich Matt) – a sumptuous, odour free, tough, and washable paint for interior walls.
Gush Gush Cair – interior paint in over 200 colours designed to purify as it beautifies.

Which brand is the best interior paint?

Known for: Benjamin Moore produces some of the highest quality paint finishes in the industry. Editors’ Choice: Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior Paint (available at Ace Hardware). This interior paint and primer is exceptionally easy to clean and also mildew resistant.

Which brand of paint is good?

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Best Paint for Home in India Headquarter Establishment Year
Shalimar Paints Mumbai, India 1942
Indigo Paints Pune, India 2000
British Paints Kolkata, India 1923
Nippon Paints Shiodome, Japan 1937

Is Vinilex 5000 washable?

NIPPON VINILEX 5000 is a water-based color that is resistant to alkali and fungus. Mostly in the areas where moisture in walls is the main issue, this paint is more suitable to avoid fungus and other bacteria. … But in the case of EASY WASH, the paint contains the ability of water resistance.

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