Frequent question: Do we need export license in Malaysia?

Import and Export Licensing. Not all goods, whether imported or exported, require a license. However, having a robust understanding of Malaysia’s licensing schemes for imported and exported goods will save traders from being rejected by customs officials.

How can I get export license in Malaysia?

To export or import goods which require a license, traders first must register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. Once registered, a company must then apply for an import license from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

What is export license Malaysia?

Malaysia Exports

Export licensing is a license issued to exporters by governments to permit them to export certain goods to certain countries. Such goods may be of strategic importance, or simply in short supply, or are controlled to comply with foreign agreements.

Can we export without license?

For the export of any goods classified as ‘restricted goods’ in this ITC-HS list, an Export License is required. … In the case of prohibited goods, an Export License is not given, while restricted goods can be exported by businesses granted an Export License.

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Does my company need an export license?

Most goods exported from the United States don’t require an export license; they’re permitted to be exported under the designation NLR—no license required. However, there are some select classes of merchandise that do require an export license.

What can I export to Malaysia?

India’s export products to Malaysia consisting of textures, machinery and instruments, electronic goods and metal manufactures, fresh vegetables and fruits, cotton yarn, meat products, sugar, rice (other than basmati), wheat, RMG cotton and accessories, primary and semi-finished iron, made-ups.

How much is customs duty in Malaysia?

Malaysian customs imposes a standard goods and service tax (GST) on imported goods at 6 percent. Malaysia customs apply a tariff on exported goods between 0 to 10 percent, following ad valorem rates.

How can I avoid custom duty in Malaysia?

Any golden rules or possibilities to avoid or escape from duty tax in legal way?

  1. Break the shipment into a few small shipments, said one piece per shipment that not more than 0.5kg.
  2. Ship via normal mail instead of parcel or courier.
  3. If you do not want to be taxed, go under the less-than-RM500 rule.

How much is customs duty?

Custom Duty Rates

The duty, in general, varies from the range 0-150%. The average rate, however is 11.90%. There is a list to refer to for goods that are exempted from this duty. There are other types of fee that are applicable to custom duty.

Can I import cosmetics to Malaysia?

According to the Control of Drugs and Cosmetic Regulations 1984, all cosmetic products must be registered before they can be imported, distributed, manufactured, or used in Malaysia. … Domestically manufactured products can be registered directly by the local manufacturing firm.

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Why export license is important?

As previously mentioned, export license is required for high value and high price goods. Licensing is important for the safety of the goods that are being transported and it may appear as a report of the goods to the state. Customs officials may request an insurance, evidence or invoice.

Who will issue the export Licence?

An export license is a document issued by the appropriate licensing agency after which an exporter is allowed to export under the restricted category of the ITC (HS) classification of Exports and Imports. The license is issued only after a careful review of the facts related to the given export transaction.

What are the documents required for export?

List of Documents required for Exports Customs Clearance

  • ProForma Invoice.
  • Customs Packing List.
  • Country of Origin or COO Certificate.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Shipping Bill.
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill.
  • Bill of Sight.
  • Letter of Credit.

How do I start an export business?

How To Start Import Export Business In India – The Complete Guide

  1. Get a PAN Card.
  2. Select type of Business Entity.
  3. Open a Current Account.
  4. Don’t forget the IEC Code!
  5. Choose your export product.
  6. Your Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) is important too!
  7. Selecting the Right Export Market.

How do I export my product?

To start export business, the following steps may be followed:

  1. Establishing an Organisation. …
  2. Opening a Bank Account. …
  3. Obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN) …
  4. Obtaining Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) Number. …
  5. Registration cum membership certificate (RCMC) …
  6. Selection of product. …
  7. Selection of Markets.
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