Does Singapore Zoo have bear?

Biography. Inuka was born in the Singapore Zoo in 1990, the result of an extensive breeding programme run by the zoo and was the first and only polar bear to be born in the tropics. There have been four polar bears at Singapore Zoo altogether—Nanook, Sheba and their offspring Inuka, as well as another female, Anana.

Are there wolves in Singapore Zoo?

The Zoo displays African Wild Dogs and Black-backed Jackals, while the Night Safari has Indian Wolves, Dholes, and Bat-eared foxes.

Why is inuka put to sleep?

Singapore’s last polar bear Inuka put to sleep on ‘humane grounds’ due to his worsening condition. … His health had been declining for months now, and visitors flocked to the Singapore Zoo to extend their well wishes over the past two weeks after news broke about the 27-year-old animal’s worsening condition.

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