Did slaves build the Angkor Wat?

Angkor was built by human labor power. Hundreds of thousands of slaves put their sweat, their blood and their whole lives into its construction. Their experiences and abilities led them to solve the technical and engineering problems, as well as to create the great art works.

Did the Khmer empire use slaves?

Ancient History. An ancient practice throughout Asia is slavery. … Historians report a substantal slave class in the Khmer Empire. It is believed that slaves did much of the work in building the mny Kymer monuments like Angkor Wat.

How can we save Angkor Wat?

Try to use environmentally friendly transport – you can use bicycles, electric bikes or horse-drawn carts in the park. Dress appropriately – preferably long trousers and shoulders covered. (Remember that Angkor Wat and the other temples are religious monuments.)

Why is Angkor Wat protected?

“The preservation of Angkor is meant to assist in nation-building and national reconciliation and thereby return the nation to its earlier peaceful era.

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