Best answer: Is the Filipino Channel Cancelled?

TFC remains on-the-air since 6 May 2020, after ABS-CBN’s Philippine free TV and free radio stations were closed due to the issuance of cease-and-desist order by the National Telecommunications Commission and Solicitor General Jose Calida of the Philippines on 5 May 2020 as its the network’s legislative franchise to …

What happened to the Filipino Channel?

The Philippines’ top broadcaster has gone off air after it was ordered by the media regulator to stop operations. … The channel has in the past angered President Rodrigo Duterte, who correspondents say is well-known for silencing media critics.

Can I cancel my TFC subscription?

You may cancel your 1-Month Free Trial during the Free Trial Period by going to your My Accounts Page on the Service Website and clicking the “CANCEL PLAN” button.

Can you stream the Filipino Channel?

Since it’s a streaming service, you can watch it from pretty much any browser or smart device. They also have an app, which is available from the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. If you’re serious about Pinoy shows and movies, TFC might be the best choice for you.

How do I install TFC on my smart TV?

Experience TFC on your Smart TV! Learn how to install TFC on your Smart TV.

  1. Go to the channel or app menu of your Smart TV. For a list of applicable units, visit
  2. Look for TFC and add the channel or install the application.
  3. Sign-in with your TFC Online account.
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How do I cancel my TFC auto renewal?

You may cancel Automatic Payment by visiting the My Products Tab on your My Account Page and clicking the EDIT link to disable the subscription to Automatic Payment at least three (3) days prior to the last day of your existing subscription.

Is iWantTFC free?

iWantTFC now free for users in Philippines.

Can you use TFC in the Philippines?

As iWantTFC (2020-present)

TFC IPTV and TFC Direct via cable and satellite subscribers have instant online access to iWantTFC with TFC Everywhere (TVE) feature. They also made iWantTFC’s full library accessible for free for users in the Philippines.

How do I access TFC everywhere?

Follow these easy steps to claim your FREE TFC Everywhere

  1. Activate your TFC Everywhere PIN.
  2. SIGN IN to your iWantTFC account (for existing users) Or. REGISTER a new iWantTFC account (for new users)
  3. Once signed in, enter your TFC Everywhere PIN.
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