You asked: Why do you think certain products are made in the Philippines?

Filipinos are known to be hardworking and very thorough in their work which is why many international companies build factories and assembly plants in the country. This boosts employment and also Filipino pride that there are products out there that have the label, “Made in the Philippines.”

Why are certain products made in the Philippines while others made abroad?

Since the Philippines is an island nation, there are a range of limitations on their own production. Even if it is manufactured in the Philippines, the raw materials would come from abroad. All countries have such programs that not all services would be available to them. But it’s normal to borrow from others.

Why certain products are produced abroad?

Mass Production

Overseas manufacturing, because it is less expensive, allows for goods to be produced in very large volumes. Volume ensures that businesses and companies are able to meet their market needs every time. The ability to consistently mass produce and meet demand is crucial to a company’s success.

What products are made in the Philippines?

Philippine export products primarily include electronics, garments and textiles, footwear and leather goods, furniture, jewelry, marine and aquamarine, and mineral products.

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Why should we buy local Filipino products?

According to Nograles, buying goods locally has other benefits such as saving money since these products are usually less expensive. “Locally-manufactured food products are world-class and, in many cases, are cheaper than their imported counterparts, and the same goes with food staples in the market like rice.

Why do Filipinos prefer imported?

In general, Filipinos prefer imported products over the local ones. Yes, it is more expensive, but aside from the price they are convinced that when an item is produced overseas it is better than anything they can buy locally.

Which do you think is the best product of the Philippines that we can use for export?

Searchable List of Philippines’ Most Valuable Export Products

Rank Philippines’ Export Product Change
1 Integrated circuits/microassemblies +6.5%
2 Computers, optical readers -28.8%
3 Computer parts, accessories +55.9%
4 Insulated wire/cable -17.3%

What products are made in other countries?

Mark J. Perry

  • Mexico (NAFTA member): Blackberries, avocado, Lee jeans.
  • Guatemala: Bananas.
  • Sri Lanka: Cinnamon.
  • Colombia: Coffee.
  • Canada (NAFTA member): Maple syrup, Carr’s crackers.
  • France: Ciroc vodka, Pinot Noir wine.
  • Switzerland: Gruyere cheese, Rado watch.

What are the disadvantages of manufacturing?

Made in America: Avoiding the Disadvantages of Manufacturing Overseas

  • Poor Quality. …
  • Low Labor Content. …
  • High Transportation Costs. …
  • Extended Supply Chain. …
  • Lack of Control. …
  • Increased Time-to-Market. …
  • Loss of Intellectual Property.

What are the main products of the Philippines?

The Philippines’ major agricultural products include rice, coconuts, corn, sugarcane, bananas, pineapples, and mangoes.

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