You asked: What meat do Cambodians eat?

With easy access to the Mekong River and the Tonlé Sap lake, fish and seafood are predominant in Cambodia cuisine and BBQ’s. It is common to see chickens and pork ribs grilling on large charcoal pit around markets. And, you can also find unusual foods like grilled frog legs or grilled bugs! Even desserts are grilled!

What do Cambodians usually eat?

A typical Cambodian meal would normally consist of a soup, a salad, a main fish dish, vegetables and rice. A Cambodian dessert, normally based on fresh fruits and sticky rice, complement the meal. In the Khmer diet, rice and freshwater fish play big roles because of the abundance of both.

What do poor Cambodians eat?

Most children and adults in Cambodia eat two meals per day consisting of rice and vegetables. Fish, the most common protein source, is eaten less than once per day. Meat is reserved for celebrations. The Tonle Sap Lake provides approximately two-thirds of the fish consumed annually in Cambodia.

What do Cambodians eat for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving dinner in Cambodia, complete with spring rolls, Khmer curry (traditional Cambodian food), and rice. Bright and colorful pub street, the hub of activity both during the day and at night. The finished pieces of pottery I made during a Khmer pottery class.

How do Cambodians eat rice?

A Cambodian meal will usually include steamed rice and a soup served with a number of side dishes. While steamed rice and soups are usually served hot, side dishes may be served at room temperature.

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Is vegetarian food available in Cambodia?

Any vegetarian or vegan knows that finding meat- and dairy-free options can take a bit more planning while traveling. Luckily, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are very vegetarian-friendly cities. With a few tips, you can easily enjoy the wide array of meatless and dairy-free delights that Cambodia has has to offer.

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